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The In’s and Out’s of Caring for Your Contacts


Contact lens wearers need to be sure to care for their contact lenses properly. Improper care can lead to damaged lenses, or or even serious eye infections or scratches, which rarely but sometimes results in vision loss. People of all ages that are not responsible enough to take care of their contact lenses may want to consider an alternate form of corrective eye wear.

Not to worry, though… taking care of your contacts is simpler than ever. With ''multipurpose'' solutions and one-use contacts, tending to your lenses is less expensive, takes less time and involves less effort than before. However, there are some important instructions to be aware of.

Firstly it is advised to consult with your optician to get individualized recommendations. Additionally, make sure you don't change care regimens without consulting with your optometrist first. Some products are not compatible with each other or with certain kinds of lenses and can damage your eyes. Our experienced staff can help you determine the right treatment for your contact lenses.

All contact lens experts recommend cleaning and disinfecting your contacts daily. Make sure to do this as soon as you take out your lenses. Not only will your eyes be safer, your contacts will feel more comfortable. Never touch solution bottle openings to any surface including your body since it can dirty the solution. Do your best to prevent getting sink water on your contacts, including washing your lens case, as it often carries a bacteria that can cause serious eye infections. Lastly, remember to dispose of your lenses when they have reached their expiration to limit the likelihood of infection.

It's true that there may be an assortment of products out there, but with a little knowledge you can care for your lenses with ease, ensuring healthier eyes and clearer vision!