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Is it Smart to Buy Eyeglasses on the Internet?

Though many Internet users are used to buying more and more products on the Web, glasses are one item that should be cautiously reviewed before you click that purchase button. Here's why. Although online e-commerce sites often promote cheap rates, the advantages of going to an optician far overshadow the ''deals'' you might score online.

One of the most important reasons for purchasing your glasses at an eye wear store rather than online is that you have a qualified optician to advise you in your selection. Our staff can assist you with the numerous decisions you'll make in purchasing the right pair of eyeglasses. If you purchase through the Internet, you miss out on the experienced input of a professional optician.

As each of us possesses a unique shape and structure, it is rare to find properly fitted eyeglasses without first trying them on. An optician will note your measurements and assist you in choosing a pair of eyeglasses that are a good match and won't cause discomfort. Eyeglasses that are too narrow can pinch the sides of your head, while glasses that are too large can quickly fall off your nose. Online optical stores may offer suggestions, but this doesn't compare to expert consultation.

Even more than the comfort and alignment of your glasses, great eyesight requires correct Pupillary Distance measurement. The optical focus of your lenses provides you the clearest vision, so it's essential to accurately calculate the space between your pupils, or PD. It can be tricky to assess your PD by yourself, but without it, your lenses won't be placed correctly in the frames.

Yes, Internet buying can be perfect for other products, but when it comes to glasses your best bet is staying with your regular vision office where you are able to find glasses that are most appropriate for you and your lifestyle.